Czech gastronomy

Czech gastronomy

Indulge in traditional and modern Czech gastronomy

Czech gastronomy
The location in the heart of Europe is strongly reflected in the character of the country’s traditional cuisine – it is a unique medley of influences from eastern and western neighbouring cultures, while at the same time it has its own specific features. An infinite number of sauces characterises the traditionally heavily meat-based cuisine, along with various types of dumplings that can also be found in a delicious sweet fruit version. The
Czech gastronomic market has been changing rapidly and especially in larger cities a variety of hip, experimental and vegan options are on offer. Coffee-lovers should not miss the rich local coffee culture. Brno, Olomouc and Prague are known for their café scene boasting both old-school and modern arty coffee places serving premium coffee. However unique and inspiring cafés can now be found in almost every small town.

Head to a forest instead of a supermarket!

Czechs love spending time in the countryside and cooking from the ingredients they themselves handpicked there - be it mushrooms, herbs or berries. The wild harvested ingredients are often (but not exclusively!) used in game and freshwater fish dishes - displaying the richness of forests, ponds and rivers on one plate!

Based on recipes that were already well known to Czech grandmothers and passed down from generation to generation, unique dishes with unforgettable taste are created. Have you ever tasted homemade blueberry-filled dumplings or a fine creamy mushroom sauce? If not, you can try them in restaurants in the Jizera Mountains, Beskydy or Jeseníky Mountains, for example.

Michelin stars and traditional Czech pubs

Many Czech restaurants will undoubtedly guarantee you quality service, excellent food quality and innovative dishes. For example, Maurerův výběr or certified Czech Specials restaurants are a sure bet, and even demanding fans of Michelin stars will find something to their liking here. You can choose classic-styled restaurants with traditional cuisine, or designer restaurants that break away from the norm with their eccentric architecture and impress with their modern gastronomy. And if you are looking for something ultra traditional, be sure to sit back for at least a moment and soak up the atmosphere in one of the typical Czech pubs.

Cosy cafés and the richness of Czech wines

A small stop-over for a cup of coffee will come in handy during your sightseeing. In the many cosy cafés, you will forget about the hustle and bustle outside, the delicious taste and aroma will soon drive away any feelings of fatigue and your energy levels will get a boost for your next trip. If you prefer to sit with a glass of quality wine, visit one of the many wine shops or go directly to the source to sunny South Moravia. Taste the richness of our wine and you will understand why Moravian wines belong to the very top of European sommelier competitions.

Taste sweet Czechia

There is some truth to the adage: you are what you eat. If you want to get to know us for who we really are, don't forget to taste our local specialties. We have selected the sweetest ones for you and you can discover many more on the Czech Specials website.

Change into a plum and bake your own pastry ear

Are you more curious about the secrets of production rather than the food itself? Would you like to try it? If so, use one of the many cooking events courses. In the picturesque town of Štramberk, you will get to bake your own Štramberk ear pastry under the supervision of experienced confectioners. In the Prague Museum of Slivovice, with the help of virtual reality, they will pluck you like a plum and turn you into a plum brandy. Tours of the production process are very popular, especially tours of the breweries. You will talk to the brewer and during beer tapping, they will teach you to create many different styles such as the šnyt (less beer more foam) or hladinka (the classic way with lots of beer topped with thin layer of foam).

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